Reliance relies on the Scooptram ST1520

2005 Dec 15

Scooptram ST 1520 is successfully used for mucking 200,000 t/yr.

After five months of operation, Atlas Copco?s Scooptram ST1520 loader has exceeded expectations at Consolidated Mineral?s Reliance Nickel Operations in Kalgoorlie, Australia. As a result, this unit ? the first of its kind in Australia ? will make a strong contribution as the mine attempts to double its production over the next 18 months.

Michael Aspinal, Underground Manager at the company?s Beta Hunt Mine says: ?The unit has been working very well for the past five months now and has 1,700 engine hours. The operators are very happy with it and it is now the preferred unit on the site.? The ST1520 is said to be faster when tramming, more comfortable to drive, thanks to the good leg room, and the engine does not overheat.

The nickel operation here was originally developed in the 1970s but was out of action for several years. Recently it has been pumped dry and is now in development and low level production at a rate of 200,000 tonnes/year with a 70 per cent waste ratio to 30 per cent ore. The mine is now 780 m deep and there are proven ore reserves for five years of production.

The ST1520 works for approximately eight hours in a 12 shift with two shifts per day, seven days a week. It is used for mucking in the main decline and in some cases on inclines. In every area, the operators and the mine management consider the loader to be fast, comfortable, and with good digging power. An on-site Atlas Copco service team keeps them running and available.

Besides the new ST1520, Reliance has a fleet of Atlas Copco equipment both in use and planned. This includes the Rocket Boomer L2 D for development drifting, the Boomer 104 for narrow vein production and mine trucks MT5010 for haulage.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.