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Challenging conditions demand powerful tools

6 000 meters of ventilation shafts are being drilled into very hard rock in the Kemi Mine in Northern Finland. The conditions have been even
15 Oct - 2019
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Welcome to the fold

Manually folding an 11-meter long feed from vertical to horizontal position can easily cause damage to a surface drill rig. Erik Hultgren, one of the
2 Oct - 2019
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A brave new world

Very few things can bring chaos and mayhem to a country such as war. Kuwait, the small Middle East nation nestled in between Saudi Arabia,
3 Sep - 2019
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By Application
Remote-controlled drill rigs get workers out of the danger zone.
21 Aug - 2019
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As underground mining operations move ever deeper underground in the
31 Jul - 2019
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In the Franconian Alb, between the Bavarian cities of Nuremberg
21 Dec - 2018
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