Drilling from a distance

2021 Jan 15

Office TeleREMOTE is a new product to let you remotely control surface drill rigs – from anywhere on a site. Global Product Manager Mattias Hjerpe gives a quick run-through of the main features.

In what way does the Office TeleREMOTE system differ from BenchREMOTE, a similar product?
“BenchREMOTE uses a closed WiFi network independent of any local infrastructure, giving it a range of about 100 meters. Office TeleREMOTE, on the other hand, communicates over any existing WiFi network, which means that you can remotely control the drill rigs from anywhere on the site. Also, BenchREMOTE is run from an exact copy of the drill rig operator cabin cabin, while Office TeleREMOTE is run from a more regular work desk. You still have displays and controls, though.”

How did you go about designing the system?
“We used our experience from existing remote-control products within Epiroc when designing the desk, determining the best distance between controls, and son on. We´ve based the system on the RCS4 platform, the server rack is used in other Epiroc remote control solutions, and the network system is the same one used everywhere in Epiroc. The company-wide compatibility minimizes the number of parts and makes for easier maintenance and service.”

What would you say are the biggest advantages of Office TeleREMOTE?
“The possibility of a single person controlling multiple rigs productively and efficiently from a risk-free and comfortable working environment. The system effectively increases the number of productive hours in a day and also significantly improves utilization of the equipment.”


Office TeleREMOTE in brief

  • Control of surface drill rigs via WiFi from any remote location on site
  • Based on RCS4 platform
  • Display and ergonomic control setup familiar from the drill rig cabin
  • Includes server rack with Epiroc Automation Common Machine Server (ACMS)
  • Includes video and safety systems for three drill rigs
  • Option to extend the capacity to up to nine drill rigs per server
  • Compatible with SmartROC models D50, D55, D60, and D65 with RCS4