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Loading optimizer in Fjord Country

Building two hydropower plants in northern Norway, BetonmastHæhre Anlegg faces specific challenges – and is overcoming them with the help of the Häggloader. The environment,
1 Oct - 2018
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Gramazini ramps up productivity

SpeedROC 2FA and SpeedCut made the difference
7 Sep - 2017
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Bold wire saw project with SpeedCut 100 – “Nobody has done...

Bohus Bergsprängning has created a 22-meter deep shaft and a 7-meter long cross tunnel in Röda Sten in Gothenburg. The shaft was made entirely without
2 Dec - 2016
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CB Destrukce of the Czech Republic is one of the
17 Jun - 2016
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Engineers working on the new Shuakhevi hydropower plant in Adjara,
10 Dec - 2015
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Excavation of a new hydropower plant in the mountains of
6 Nov - 2014
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