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It’s been over 30 years since it was first planned,
13 Aug - 2014
Comments Off on Good Energy for Colombia’s Future
Atlas Copco’s PowerROC T25 DC drill rig, made in Japan,
11 Aug - 2014
Comments Off on China moving on from pneumatics to hydraulics
High-tech construction is in increasing demand in China as urban
9 Jan - 2014
Comments Off on Developing Dalian
A mixture of sand, aggregates and water, sprayed onto a
13 Aug - 2013
Comments Off on Behind the gray walls – the art of shotcreting
Atlas Copco’s recent acquisition of shotcreting specialist MEYCO of Switzerland
8 Aug - 2013
Comments Off on Driving the future of rock support
It has been described as the most complex subway project
6 Aug - 2013
Comments Off on Tough challenge below the streets of Manhattan
How a small group of drilling entrepreneurs in Scotland became
8 Apr - 2013
Comments Off on From Scotland with competence in large and deep hole drilling
At the Kukmin University of Seoul, South Korea, drillers installing
17 Jan - 2013
Comments Off on Good learning ground in Seoul with Secoroc QL 120 DTH hammer
When it comes to rail transport underground, the new subway
20 Dec - 2012
Comments Off on NICE RIDE IN NAPLES – How raiseboring engineers beat the “booms” in new deep metro
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