Driving the future of rock support

2013 Aug 08

Atlas Copco’s recent acquisition of shotcreting specialist MEYCO of Switzerland has broadened the company’s range to include advanced shotcreting knowhow and the market’s widest range of mobile shotcreting equipment for underground applications. The acquisition places Atlas Copco at the forefront of this important technology and lays the foundation for the development of new shotcreting solutions.

With MEYCO now a part of the Atlas Copco Group, miners and tunnelers worldwide have easy access to the expertise and equipment required for superior shotcreting services.

This development is especially important for all underground mining and construction companies as the role of advanced shotcreting is increasing to meet higher demands for durability, safety, low risk to health and negative impact on the environment.

Experts also believe that sprayed concrete techniques will play an even greater role in underground rock reinforcement as mines go deeper and safety regulations grow stricter, both for miners as well as tunneling engineers.

Working together with BASF Con­struction Chemicals, MEYCO?s former owners, Atlas Copco aims to drive the future development of this technology with the focus on new solutions.

Internationally recognized
The acquisition of MEYCO, whose knowho­w and products are internationally recognized, puts Atlas Copco in a unique position to take the lead in this field.

Pauli Arenram, newly appointed General Manager of Atlas Copco MEYCO says: ?For many years this company has been instrumental in providing cutting edge technology for shotcreting in tunneling and mining. Now, as a part of Atlas Copco, we will be able to take a greater role at the forefront of this technology with new methods, innovative equipment and application expertise. Through these solutions we aim to set new standards of safety and efficiency in tunneling and mining.?

Tom Kurth, Marketing Manager, adds: ?We are excited to see the possibilities offered by Atlas Copco to bring this innovative equipment into new underground markets outside of Europe, which in the past was not easy due to the size of the after sales organization at hand.

?The synergies, particularly in engineering and procurement are obvious and will help to shorten the time to market for our new products in the pipeline. On the other hand, the MEYCO range will support the Atlas Copco offering in that we now can be a one-stop shop for all the activities and work processes at the tunnel face.?

Comprehensive range
The newly formed Atlas Copco MEYCO is based in Winterhur, Switzerland, and offers a comprehensive range of carrier-mounted concrete and stand-alone spraying equipment including spraying arms, pumps and dosing units as well as solutions for TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines). The company also has in-depth knowledge of concrete technology and chemicals due to its long association with the chemical industry.

In addition, all spray concrete can be applied with MEYCO Logica, the company?s unique robotic sprayer.

Until now, MEYCO equipment has mainly been available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. From now on, it is available worldwide through Atlas Copco Customer Centers.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

MEYCO Oruga FBS: Mobile spraying manipulator unit for mechanizing and automating concrete spraying.