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Big step underground

With Minetruck Automation, Epiroc makes big advances in underground mining. Software Developer Torkel Trampe provides insight into how the development team went about their work.
24 Mar - 2021
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Digging deep to become a Mine 4.0

Lower ore grades and fluctuating copper prices are driving Chilean copper miner Pucobre to increase productivity. With new trucks, loaders, rigs and technology, Pucobre has
26 Feb - 2021
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Safety deep in the mountains

At the Kirovsk mine, extraction of phosphorus-containing raw materials is hard work. Apatit JSC Kirovsk Branch faces a number of challenges, mainly harsh conditions, safety,
2 Sep - 2020
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Smart drilling sets benchmark in safety while providing data critical
20 Aug - 2020
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Mobilaris Mining Intelligence makes mining more efficient by tracking equipment
7 Jan - 2020
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Remote-controlled drill rigs get workers out of the danger zone.
21 Aug - 2019
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