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Challenging conditions demand powerful tools

6 000 meters of ventilation shafts are being drilled into very hard rock in the Kemi Mine in Northern Finland. The conditions have been even
15 Oct - 2019
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In for the long haul

A 30-year partnership between one of Brazil’s best performing mines and Epiroc has made for a revolutionary solution in the raise boring process. Look out
7 Mar - 2019
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World’s biggest raise?

American raiseboring specialist Raisebor has set a record in the North American raiseboring industry, completing what is possibly the biggest raise ever bored.
5 Jan - 2016
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Raise boring
Following the completion of the world’s largest raise in the
29 Dec - 2015
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Mexico’s Fresnillo PLC, the world’s largest primary silver producer and
7 Jan - 2013
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Atlas Copco is the largest supplier of raiseboring equipment worldwide,
17 Dec - 2012
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