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In for the long haul

A 30-year partnership between one of Brazil’s best performing mines and Epiroc has made for a revolutionary solution in the raise boring process. Look out
7 Mar - 2019
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World’s biggest raise?

American raiseboring specialist Raisebor has set a record in the North American raiseboring industry, completing what is possibly the biggest raise ever bored.
5 Jan - 2016
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Big raise underway at Kiruna Mine

Following the completion of the world’s largest raise in the U.S., another big raiseboring project is underway, this time at LKAB’s Kiruna Mine in Sweden,
29 Dec - 2015
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Raise boring
Mexico’s Fresnillo PLC, the world’s largest primary silver producer and
7 Jan - 2013
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Atlas Copco is the largest supplier of raiseboring equipment worldwide,
17 Dec - 2012
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