Big raise underway at Kiruna Mine

2015 Dec 29

Following the completion of the world’s largest raise in the U.S., another big raiseboring project is underway, this time at LKAB’s Kiruna Mine in Sweden, the world’s largest
underground iron ore mine.

The Atlas Copco Robbins 91RH raiseboring machine is being used to construct a skip shaft of 6.6 m in diameter and 250 m long. The work, which is carried out by mining contractor Bergteamet, is being done from four setups, reaming upwards from the 950 m level to the 700 m level.

The Robbins raiseborer is one of the industry?s heavyweights. The reamer head alone weighs 40 tonnes and generates 100 tonnes of cuttings per meter. LKAB says it aims to eliminate the risks associated with traditional shaft excavation by using large diameter raiseboring technology.

?The size of this raiseborer and cutterhead makes it special. Hopefully this is the future?, says Jonas Bjurholt, Project Manager, LKAB Kiruna Mine.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

Going up! The huge cutter head on the Robbins 91RH reams up the pilot hole.