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Welcome to Epiroc, Fordia!

Epiroc had a fantastic start to 2019 with the acquisition of Fordia, a well-known Canadian manufacturer of exploration drilling tools. This serves to strengthen Epiroc’s
14 Aug - 2019
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Optimizing processes

The drilling for sampling department at South32’s Cerro Matoso mine in Colombia identified an opportunity to improve its drilling process. The company introduced the
12 Mar - 2019
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Future. Safe.

There is usually a point in time that you can look back on and say – that was when everything changed. For safety in exploration
21 Nov - 2018
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The Webdrill and Epiroc success story is inspiring exploration efforts
30 Oct - 2018
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In western South Africa, in the Northern Cape Province, lies
11 Jul - 2018
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With more than 50 years of experience in the mining
10 Jul - 2018
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