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Datun Mine sets new productivity records with Diamec exploration drill
19 May - 2015
Comments Off on New productivity records with exploration drill rigs; a big win for China’s tin
As India explores its oil and gas reserves to enhance
26 Feb - 2015
Comments Off on Predator Drilling System – Star of India
Researchers from around the world are currently studying the evolution
14 Jan - 2015
Comments Off on Drilling for knowledge
Modern exploration helps revive iconic Spanish copper mine.
9 Jan - 2014
Comments Off on A New Chapter in the story of Rio Tinto
Exploration contractor PerfoChile is known for its work with reverse
8 Aug - 2013
Comments Off on Atlas Copco RD10+ a perfect plus for PerfoChile
The largest pure gold mine in northern Europe, Björkdalsgruvan, expects
8 Aug - 2013
Comments Off on New exploration rig from Atlas Copco makes grade control easy and safe
Global demand for Reverse Circulation drilling (RC) is rising steadily.
25 Mar - 2013
Comments Off on Explorac 100 and Explorac 235 – Two new exploration rigs for RC drilling
A fleet of exploration drilling rigs are hard at work
7 Jan - 2013
Comments Off on Exploration in the mountains of Molango
In a five square kilometer area of the Jadar River
16 Apr - 2012
Comments Off on Exploration Drilling Deep in the Heart of Serbia
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