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The surgeons of drilling

‘Surgeon’ is a name perfectly suited the two SmartROC T40 drill rigs working inside the Italcave site in Statte (Italy), in the immediate vicinity of
6 Sep - 2018
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A robust rig for a robust business

PowerROC T25 DC helps Moroccan drilling firm win new major assignment.
9 Jun - 2017
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Process optimization with SmartROC C50

SmartROC C50 with COPROD technology helps the customer Max Bögl to optimize their operation.
16 May - 2017
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Quarry (limestone, others)
A glimpse of the first operational Atlas Copco SmartROC T45
8 Dec - 2016
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Germany’s Mineral Baustoff GmbH, a member of the STRABAG SE
25 Nov - 2016
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Significant progess has been made in recent years to improve
13 Sep - 2016
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