SpeedROC 2FA convinces dealers and end customers in the Jura and beyond

2018 Dec 21

In the Franconian Alb, between the Bavarian cities of Nuremberg and Munich, is the largest mining area for natural stone in Germany. There, the Jura marble, also called Jura or Jurassic lime, is mined. It is a pale yellow to blue-gray limestone, which has been used for centuries for gala products as well as for the construction of historic buildings in the region. Among other things, it was involved in the construction of the Eichstätt Cathedral.

Verostone GmbH & Franz Heiß GmbH & Co. KG

VeroStone, based in Eichstätt, offers a broad product portfolio: Jurassic limestone, shell limestone and sandstone. The natural stones of the VeroStone GmbH are obtained in theirown quarries in southern Germany and processed in modern production and processing plants by detail-accurate handwork. The company owns 5 Jura and 3 shell limestone quarries and has about 70 employees. In total, approx. 12,000 m³ of Jura marble and 2,000 m³ shell limestone are extracted per year.
For further information: https://www.vero-stone.de/

Franz Heiß GmbH

The cooperation of the company Heiß and Epiroc (formerly Atlas Copco) began in the 70s with the advent of compressed air technology in quarries. At the time, the company Heiß carried out the maintenance of the first diesel compressors in the Jura region, becoming Atlas Copco’s first official contract partner in Germany. Over the last few decades, the company has developed into a competent service and trading partner for drilling and compressor technology in the region. In 2018, the first SpeedROC 2FA was handed over to Verostone GmbH in cooperation with the company Epiroc. The company with around 10 employees is based in Pollenfeld.
For further information:  https://www.heiss-hydraulik.de/home.html

SpeedROC 2FA

The SpeedROC 2FA is a hydraulic attachment device suitable for excavators with a working weight between 24 and 30 tons. Thanks to the two hydraulic rock drills, a large boom reach, fast positioning and high driving stability, the SpeedROC 2FA is ideal for block drilling in rough terrain. All drilling functions as well as the tramming of the excavator can be carried out with a radio remote control.

In the shortest possible time, the company Heiß has built the SpeedROC 2FA on a Caterpillar crawler excavator, as requested by the customer. The managing director Franz Heiß sees the advantages of the SpeedROC 2FA as follows:

“The ease of use paired with a long range, the high quality of workmanship and the general ease of maintenance are, in my opinion, the great advantages of the machine. Added to this is the quick availability of spare parts via Epiroc.?

During a joint customer event together with Epiroc in November 40 participants were able to convince themselves of these advantages themselves.In cooperation with the technicians of Epiroc, Mr. Heiß has considered further innovations in order to increase customer satisfaction in the future.

“The electronic recording of production data and the additional use of cameras would further increase the productivity of the SpeedROC 2FA,” says Franz Heiß.

Both features have already been tested by the Epiroc development department and will be optionally available on the next delivery of a SpeedROC 2FA.

For the company Verostone when buying a machine, above all, advice, service, customer references and a good price-performance ratio is of importance. Decisive for the purchase of the SpeedROC 2FA was the long-term relationship with the company Heiß, which is only a few kilometers away from the quarry. So far, this trust has paid off for both sides, as the SpeedROC 2FA is also convincing in operation. The two rock drills of the SpeedROC 2 FA drill at a speed of 1.7 m / min and reach up to 1000 m per day during line drilling. The fuel consumption is significantly lower with 14 liters per engine hour, than that of the conventional drill rigs. Overall, this allows customers such as Verostone to achieve increased productivity through efficient operations.

Franz Heiß is confident that he will be able to deliver and service further Epiroc drill rigs in the Jura and beyond:

“The excellent cooperation with the Epiroc staff and the consistently high quality of the products speak for themselves. We will certainly continue to work together successfully.”

Performance data SpeedROC 2FA:

  • Hole depth: 0, 3- 1 m
  • Diameter: 36 mm
  • Drill speed per drill: 1,7 m/min
  • Fuel Consumption: 14 liter/engine hour