Minetruck MT2010 good to go

2007 Feb 13

Atlas Copco’s Minetruck MT2000 has been upgraded to include a new engine and electrical system. Extended trials of the new, upgraded model Minetruck MT2010, have now been successfully completed.

The new MT2010 Minetruck offers improved levels of serviceability and reliability. This has been achieved by redesigning the electrical system and the addition of a built-in Data Collection Unit (DCU).
The new Cummins engine meets Tier III emission regulations and has been fitted to the Scooptram ST1030 for more than eight months, resulting in positive feedback from customers.

The DCU features an integrated warning system and an engine fault code display, as well as indicators that show when the air filters need changing. Additionally, the Programmable Logic Controller has been moved into the cabin for better protection against damage. The upgrade also involved integrating the transmission cooler into the radiator resulting in better cooling capacity and easier access.

Field tests of the Cummins-powered MT2000 at the Koza Mine in Turkey were conducted over 2,500 hours. Yavuz Akkaya, Technical Development and Training Manager, Atlas Copco, says: ?The field test was completed without any technical problems. The general opinion of the operators is that the upgraded Minetruck is very powerful. They also highlighted the high serviceability and operator comfort.?

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.