Looking good in Canada

2006 Nov 03

Atlas Copco’s new LHD underground vehicle, Scooptram ST14, is getting encouraging reviews during rigorous trials in North America.

The new generation Scooptram ST14, a much anticipated addition to Atlas Copco?s underground range of LHDs, is currently being tested at CVRD Inco?s Frood-Stobie mine in Sudbury, Ontario, one of Canada?s oldest and largest producers of nickel.

The new vehicle has been designed following many visits to mine sites where mining companies, including CVRD Inco, have assisted Atlas Copco to develop new technology in line with industry expectations.

The feedback from these visits has identified a strong focus on safety and the need for unparalleled performance, reliability, operator comfort and serviceability. The ST14 is designed not only to meet, but to exceed these requirements.

The ongoing trials at Frood-Stobie have provided information on the ST14?s performance in what is considered to be typical Canadian mining conditions. Parameters such as capacity, durability, fuel consumption, safety, serviceability, and ergonomics are all being monitored.

Operating in the mine?s Division ?A? production block, the ST14 is reported to be consistently moving more than 100 buckets per shift. And after two months on trial, the unit had clocked up 558 hours of operation.

One area where the ST14 is being tested is at the 2,340 level and tramming approximately 180 metres to dump into the ore pass that is feeding the 2,600 level. The complete cycle from the muck pile to the ore pass and back, averages three minutes with excellent bucket fill.

These results were very positive, for the operators and mechanics that have been documenting the performance and reliability of this advanced Scooptram. In addition, enthusiasm has been running high with respect to its comfort, ergonomic design and serviceability.

Derrick Decker, one of the ST14 operators at the mine says: ?The ST14 new generation Scooptram is a powerful unit in the muck pile and it handles as well as the much larger ST8B. The comfort, visibility and state-of-the-art technology is quite impressive.?

The trial will continue at Frood-Stobie until the end of 2006.


The perfect testing ground

CVRD Inco?s Frood-Stobie mine in Sudbury, Ontario, has been in operation since 1911. It consists of three mining divisions with two shafts ? the deepest of which goes to the 4,075ft level ? and yields primarily copper and nickel ore. In 2006, utilizing primarily the sub-level caving method, more than three million tonnes of ore will be mined. This demanding environment provided the perfect testing ground for the new generation Scooptram ST14.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.