Enter the “E” series

2005 Dec 14

A new boom for Rocket Boomer is introduced.

M&C can now provide readers with a glimpse of the future in high-productivity face drilling ?? the Rocket Boomer E-series, a result of several years of development and testing.

Although not scheduled for launch until some time in 2006, the new series promises to speed up the whole drilling cycle and minimize both over and underbreak. Equipped with COP 3038, the world?s fastest hydraulic rock drill, the new series of Rocket Boomer will be able to drill exceptionally fast without increasing wear on the drill steel.

But perhaps the most important feature of all is the new BUT 45 boom. This boom offers excellent stability, faster and more accurate positioning as well as an increased coverage area. A 2.5 m extension will give users more flexibility for roof drilling and crosscuts.

Overall, the total coverage area is said to be a 36 per cent improvement on the BUT 35M and 28 per cent better than the BUT 35L, meaning that it will be possible to cover larger tunnel sections from a single set-up.

The E-series is also expected to be equipped with the upgraded Rig Control System, RCS for accurate positioning and control.

There is also good news in terms of operator comfort. The E-series cabin has an adjustable seat with armrest controls and an ergonomically-designed control panel with a large colour display. All in all, lower tunnelling costs and better operational economy on the horizon.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.