“I love all international contacts”

2021 Jun 30

Lena Andersson likes working internationally and seeing the
clear results of her work. As Global Business Support Manager,
the whole world is her workplace, and she leads a team that plays
a key role when the Surface division does business.

“I had already worked with international contacts when I started at Atlas Copco 22 years ago. Still, the change of jobs was a big thing, because I moved to a big company with long traditions. I started off as Marketing Assistant and eventually also became Area Manager for France and Spain. About ten years ago, I became team leader and then head of Global Business Support in the division. The team consists of eleven people ? most of whom are based in Sweden, but we are also present in India, China, Japan and France.

And we act as a link between Epiroc?s global sales organization and our various product companies. In practice, responsibility for the Forecast-todelivery process entails: being in close contact with Customer Centers around the world, gathering prognoses for production planning, responding to delivery times, handling orders and, of course, making sure our rigs are shipped out in the world.

Another important task is ensuring that we are trade compliant ? for instance, with respect to sanctions ? and reviewing contracts to minimize the risk for the company.

A typical work day involves many meetings, and I often work late due to the different time zones. It?s a matter of being structured and understanding cultural differences, but I love all international contacts and using my language skills. And it?s fantastic seeing one?s co-workers grow and become proactive ? and be able to help Epiroc drive home important orders.

When I am not working, I spend time with family and friends or spend time in my cottage close to Örebro. I find working in the garden, taking long walks in the woods and fishing to be peaceful. Just like reading books. And I like to travel, especially to big cities. Contrasts make life more fun.?

As Global Business Support Manager, Lena Andersson leads a team responsible for the Forecast-to-delivery process. She relishes the international contacts and being able to use her language skills; Swedish, English, French and German. Lena Andersson also has a knack for organizing ? a must in her role.