Maintaining uptime with ROC CARE

2007 Apr 17

Emil Fredriksson has been in the rock drilling and blasting industry for 14 years. To get the best productivity from his drill rigs, he recently signed a
ROC CARE maintenance agreement. Here?s why.

Swedish contractor Emils Bergentreprenad specializes in rock drilling, blasting and rock reinforcement. It has three surface crawler rigs ? a SmartRig ROC D7C, a ROC D7RRC (Radio Remote Control) and a
ROC 642HC, all from Atlas Copco. A fourth rig, a SmartRig ROC D9C, is also due for delivery in early 2007.

Hole navigation and the hydraulic aluminium feeds are two features that are highly valued by the company?s founder and owner, Emil Fredriksson. But his first priority is maximium uptime which is why he recently signed a ROC CARE contract for the two-year-old SmartRig ROC D7C. ROC CARE is a service package providing scheduled service, inspection reports, extended warranty, and ProCom, an Internet-based satellite navigation system. The package includes regular inspections and services, with an extended warranty for all major rig components. This is the basis on which contractors can secure problem-free operations for an expected 5,000 engine hours.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.