PowerROC T50 makes its debut at Bauma China

2015 Nov 10

Surface drillers visiting the recent Bauma China 2014 exhibition in Shanghai welcomed the launch of Atlas Copco’s new PowerROC T50, a straightforward drill rig designed for limestone quarries and open pit mines.

Making its debut in China this November was the PowerROC T50, a new, top performance surface drill rig for 102?152 mm holes and depths of 4.7 m to a maximum of 35 m with  extension rods. Designed and manufactured at the Atlas Copco plant in Nanjing, this rig is  therefore perfectly suited for quarries and open pit mines, offering contractors the best of Atlas Copco technology in a straightforward design.

For example, the rig is equipped with the COP 3060, the latest kW 30 hydraulic rock drill which provides extremely high penetration. It has a strong, extendable boom which provides easy and quick positioning, and it has a robust aluminium feed, instead of steel, which gives straighter and more consistent quality holes.

Furthermore, the rig?s simplified hydraulic and electrical system ensures easier operation and less downtime. All vital functions are push-button controlled and the ROPS/FOPS certified cabin has large windows which provide good visibility during drilling and extra vibration dampers to give maximum operator comfort. Tramming in rough terrain is also easy thanks to the high ground clearance.

Product Manager York Yang says: ?We are very happy to have launched the PowerROC T50 at Bauma China as we know that this model is very much in demand in the limestone, cement and aggregate quarrying industries as well as in open mining, and not just in China but also in other countries such as South Africa and the USA.?

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

Now available worldwide: The new PowerROC T50 surface drill rig.