2006 Dec 28

China’s booming economy continues to race ahead at breathtaking speed. Unprecedented numbers of roads, railways, tunnels, power plants and other infrastructure developments are under construction. The symbols of this dynamic growth – giant apartment blocks and towering office buildings – are rising ever skyward in cities across the country. To keep pace with the demand, the cement industry is working at full capacity – with Conch Cement, the largest producer in Asia, leading the way.

More than 2,500 Mt of cement were produced globally in 2006, of which almost half was produced in China. Now, the country?s cement industry is working harder than ever to meet domestic demand for its products and is rapidly adopting new technology to increase production and maximize productivity.

At the end of 2006, Conch Cement had 17 clinker plants, 21 cement grinding works and 36 clinker lines producing up to 70 Mt of clinkers annually.

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