Attachment Teamwork in Berlin

2009 Nov 18

The team of the demolition and blasting experts Philipp Halter GmbH & Co. of Berlin was faced with a challenging job: In only 48 hours the southern section of the Spandau dam bridge crossing the A 100 had to be demolished.

Seven Volvo excavators equipped with Atlas Copco demolition tools set out on their demolition tour following a carefully planned schedule. After all the traffic obstructions which cannot be avoided when one of the main arterial roads of the capital is closed all had to be removed before the start of the week.

First of all three MB 1700 hydraulic breakers began with the preparations on the bridge foundation. The medium range breaker has a weight of 1700 kg and is suitable for carriers of 19-32 tons. A SB 302 was used for the less demanding preparatory and finishing work, e.g. in narrow places. This light hydraulic breaker weighing 304 kg is suitable for carriers of 4.5-9.0 tons.

The main part of the work was handled by two hydraulic CombiCutters, a CC 1700 U and a CC 2500 U, both equipped with ?Universal? jaws, which crushed the concrete and cut the strong rebar of the bridge in one go. The cutters performed as expected: “We cannot make compromises with regard to reliability” the chief executive Christoph Halter explains. “The performance of the Atlas Copco products has convinced me to such  an extend that we will definitely rely on them for future jobs, too”

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.