Rolling out the new Scooptram ST 18

2014 Aug 12

Atlas Copco has launched a new, 18-tonne capacity underground loader for large-scale development work as well as production mining. Called Scooptram ST18, the newcomer is described as the most productive LHD on the market.


Designed to match the successful 60-tonne Minetruck MT6020, the new Scooptram ST18 completes the Atlas Copco range of underground loaders in this segment.

?This loader is long-awaited on the market,? says Ben Thompson, Product Manager. ?It has an optimized bucket for better muck pile penetration, faster acceleration and faster dumping. The result is a better load factor on the truck and, in the end, a higher tonnage per month.?

The Scooptram ST18 and the MT6020 also share many common parts and control system components, which can substantially reduce the total cost of ownership.

The bucket and the unique boom design, combined with variable displacement pumps, provide safe and efficient operations. This, together with the proven Atlas Copco Rig Control System which monitors, supports and controls all aspects of the operation, gives superior muck pile penetration, less wear and tear and a faster and more productive loading cycle.

New footbox for extra leg room

The operator sits comfortably in a spacious FOPS/ROPS-approved, air conditioned cab with extra leg room thanks to a unique

Atlas Copco footbox. The layout of the controls is ergonomic and visibility is best-in-class, even towards the rear, thanks to the sloping design and shorter power frame structure. All in all, an outstanding operator experience as well as improved productivity.

There is also an abundance of safety features, including automatic brake test, protection guards, 3-point access system, redundant steering system, safety latches, boom lock-up, fire suppression and machine protection system. Furthermore, it can be equipped to run semi-autonomously or by radio remote control.

Sustainable solutions

Beyond this, the new loader offers many sustainable solutions that contribute to maximum uptime and long service life. For example, automatic ride control and automatic de-clutch increase the lifespan of the equipment and reduces spillage from the bucket. Automatic traction control reduces tire wear and fuel consumption and the addition of soft stops on the boom, bucket and steering reduce wear and tear.

Scooptram ST18 comes with a number of Atlas Copco Service products that contribute to trouble-free operations. One example is RigScan, an advanced audit service product that offers a real-time, non-intrusive look at the equipment?s running condition and performance. Another is the Remote Monitoring system, which makes production and maintenance data available through a user-friendly web interface.

Furthermore, Atlas Copco offers a comprehensive training program consisting of classroom, simulator, and onsite training. By using the simulator, new Scooptram ST18 operators are given plenty of time to practice on machines and systems before entering the mine.

The Scooptram ST18 is 3 048 mm wide and tramming height is 2 840 mm.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.