New cabin for low seam miners – Scooptram ST7LP

2014 Nov 25

Atlas Copco’s Scooptram ST7LP low profile loader – previously supplied with a canopy – has now been upgraded with a fully enclosed operator’s cabin.

Operators using 7-tonne loaders in low seam applications can now look forward to the protection of a fully enclosed, FOPS/ROPS approved cabin.

This is the latest upgrade on the Atlas Copco Scooptram ST7LP, which was previously supplied with a canopy. The result is a more comfortable working environment with air conditioning, a spacious foot box and a lower noise level.

Scooptram ST7LP is a 6.8 tonne low profile capacity loader for demanding conditions in narrow vein mining. It is 1.4 m high and 8.5 m long and designed for back heights as low as 1.6 m. It has a short power frame and a long wheel base which makes it easy to maneuver. Apart from the full functionality of the Atlas Copco RCS control system it also has a unique traction control system that minimizes wheel spin when entering the muck pile. This improves penetration, enables one passloading and significantly reduces tire costs.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

More comfortable and much safer: The Scooptram ST7LP is the only low profile