Safety on the surface – with a new protective guard

2014 Nov 25

Moving parts on any machine always present a potential risk to their operators. When it comes to surface drill rig operators, that risk has now been reduced with a new protective guard.

Working close to moving parts is hazardous and operators of industrial equipment are obliged to follow strict safety regulations. Nevertheless, accidents and injuries still occur in the mining and construction industries.

Atlas Copco prioritizes safety and is committed to making its products as safe as possible. Now its surface drill rigs have been improved even further with a new protective guard mounted on the booms, preventing the operator from getting too close to the drill rod while it is rotating.

The guard?s slimline design means that it does not impair visibility. Neither does it affect the drilling operation or the rig?s performance, and there is no hindrance to serviceability as the guard can be easily opened using a standard wrench. In addition, the lower section is made of rubber which allows for more flexibility when drilling in different positions and in difficult applications.

For those drill rigs that can be used for toe-hole drilling, the guard has an extension on one side to give added protection while drilling in the horizontal position. The boom systems have also been redesigned to handle the extra weight. The guard has been developed in accordance with the new EU standard EN 16228 and will be fitted to the rigs that are scheduled for delivery to customers after 30 November.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

Safety on the surface with a new protective guard