The Omega secret – a top performing rock drilling tool product

2014 Nov 26

The word “Omega” is the name of the last letter in the Greek alphabet. It indicates “the ultimate”, “the definitive” or “the superior” – all appropriate descriptions for a top performing product from Atlas Copco Secoroc.

The Omega rock drilling tool is a sealed bearing tricone bit for rotary drill rigs was introduced in 2012 with a design that is far superior to standard air-bearing roller cone bits. This is primarily due to its high precision machining to close tolerances, innovative seal technology, premium lubricants and proprietary materials.

The rock drilling tool bits have extremely smooth bearing contact surfaces as well as a patented outer ?excluder? which prevents contamination from cuttings, grit and water, while an inner seal retains grease in the bearings to lubricate the bearing elements.

Together these features have resulted in superior performance, service life and cost savings. Excellent penetration rates and bit life have been achieved during field tests carried out in coal and copper mining in both Australia, Bolivia and the USA.

Omega Objectives

  • Exceed air bearing bit life, where bearing failures due to heavy bit loads, fast drilling with cuttings invasion, and contamination of bearings by ground water are the reasons for bit removal.
  • Provide lower Cost/Distance than an air bearing bit in the same application.

  • Use fewer bits, thereby increasing the safety level by reducing the frequency of bit changes.

OMEGA features

  • New patented tricone outer ?excluder? and inner bearing seal.

  • Sealed bearing with resistant synthetic lubricants ? for high loads and high RPM.

  • New cutting structure for abrasive and hard rock formations.

  • Streamlined lug for fast evacuation of cuttings.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

Omega a top performing rock drilling tool product from Atlas Copco Secoroc.