Introducing PowerROC T25 DC

2014 Jan 08

Atlas Copco has produced a new surface drill rig for construction sites and quarries in the hole diameter range 51­–89 mm (2–3½ “), with the focus on simplicity and reliability.

The newly developed surface drill rig, PowerROC?T25?DC (Direct Control), breaks new ground for simplicity coupled with reliable performance.

Specially developed for customers in emerging markets in China, India and South East Asia, the PowerROC T25 DC is based on a very straightforward and well-proven design.

For example, the rig features stepless, direct control levers that allow the operator to continuously vary the percussion pressure and flushing air flow, making straight hole drilling easy and efficient. In addition, electric parts and other components have been kept to a minimum.

As the name implies, PowerROC?T25?DC is not short on power. This is thanks to its highly efficient 12 kW COP 1240 rock drill and the compressor which delivers 101?l/s (6.1 m3/min 216 cfm) at a normal working pressure of 8.8 bar (127 psi).

Despite the focus on simplicity and reliability, the designers have made no compromises on performance or on the working environment. The rig is equipped with a low emission Cummins Tier-III, 119Kw (160HP) engine which consumes 17?21 l/h, and the ROPS and FOPS certified cabin is air conditioned for maximum comfort. With a highly efficient oil cooler (55°C ambient capacity) it is also ideal for use in tropical climates.

Masanori Kogushi, Atlas Copco Product Manager, says: ?The new PowerROC?T25?DC is an outstanding drill rig for many small businesses looking for a compact, robust and reliable rig that also offers low running costs and a low cost of ownership.

?Everything has been designed with the aim of providing satisfactory performance in this hole range, but more importantly, a workhorse which also offers unbeatable reliability.?

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.