China´s treasures of the soil – mined by Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers

2008 Oct 22

Even though the Anquian iron mine was already discovered in the 1920ies, this “treasure mine” is regularly exploited since just one decade. When the Anqian Mining Co. Ltd. decided to focus on this extraordinary source for iron ores, they also decided for the most appropriate machinery – for Atlas Copco quality.

China is the world’s largest steel producer and consumer – and the Anben (former Anshan) Iron and Steel Group belongs to the most important Chinese steel companies. One of it?s advantages for global competition is the corporate Anquian iron mine, with an annual output of more than ten million tons of high quality ore. Rolled and hot-rolled steel sheets, wire rods and steel thick plates form the basis of the company?s business – and the Anquian iron mine the cadre for raw materials.

The Anquian mine, located in the southwestern Anhui province, emerges as one mere exhaustless source for iron ores like abundant magnesite, limestone, clay and manganese minerals. Experts claim that the mine?s resources will last for more than 100 years (at today?s production) and that the entire regions? deposits cover almost one quarter of all Chinese mineral processings.

In the light of the mine?s crucial prominence for the company – as for China?s world leading market position – the choice and the investment for adequate equipment is a question of foresight and commitment. Unlike most of the Chinese competitors, the management of the Anquian mine decided to choose for original quality, like for the HB 2200 by Atlas Copco, as main hydraulic breaker for reliable efficiency and enduring profit.

A member of the Anqian Iron Mine management points out that ?at the beginning of mining, we discussed on equipment extensively. Many products were recommended, including some convincing features. But finally, based on survey and advice of the group corporation, we chose Atlas Copco breakers. At present, all our HB 2200 breakers we bought are creating large wealth for our company.?

Especially the unique features of the HB2200 like AutoControl (to optimise the impact energy / frequency ratio) or the DustProtector pay off. But it is not just the technology which makes the choice for Atlas Copco beneficial for the company?s mining business. ?When we bought the first breakers, many operators had no idea how to work with them properly. But Atlas Copco provided training on operation, maintenance and working priciples, construction methods and aftermarket knowledge. They also supplied technical consultation, persistent product tracing for original professional spare parts, repair and research service.?

The company?s head also makes a point of environmantal aspects, since energy conservation and reduction of pollutant emissions are part of a key national management program. Anqian Iron Mine Co. Ltd. is also taking measures to synchronise exploitation and re-greening. In fact, we have been adopting environmental eco-friendly methods all the time. So, the environmentally sound operating of the HB 2200 absolutely meets our standards.?

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.