Hydraulic breakers in a shopping center project

2008 May 28

The old Plaza Isauro Alfaro Otero in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, is rebuilt. This is where an underground shopping centre with two car park levels and four movie rooms as well as an open-air theatre above ground will be built in appropriate attractive surroundings. Hydraulic breakers of Atlas Copco are helping the constructors Constructora Villa de Aguayo to carry out the excavation work for the project.

An 80 x 80 m and 14 m deep foundation pit was excavated. First of all some 16,000 cubic metres of earth were conventionally removed by means of excavators. 75,000 cubic metres of sandstone with a compressive strength of 85 metric tons per square metre were crushed with the help of the hydraulic breakers. For this particular job the company rented an Atlas Copco HB 3000 from Madisa Rental, Tampico, together with an HB 2500. Both units belong to the heavy series of hydraulic breakers and were attached to type CAT 330 carrier units.

?The HB 3000 manages about 35 cubic metres per hour, the HB 2500 some 22 cubic metres per hour?, the engineer Javier Argaez, site manager of Constructora Villa de Aguayo, explains. ?We are extremely satisfied with the performance of these hydraulic breakers?. Mr. Armando Cueto, branch manager of Madisa Tampico: ?Our Caterpillar excavator and the Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers are a perfect match. Atlas Copco Mexicana is giving us the assistance we need?.

The whole project has to be completed in December 2008. More than 26,000 square metres on four different levels will then have a completely new look. 318 vehicles can be parked on the two underground parking levels. One shopping level and the open-air theatre above ground will then be completed.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.