Expanding Kovilovaca

2008 Sep 29

In the last five years, Serbia’s Kovilovaca quarry has significantly boosted its output. Today, this expanding operation relies on a single drill rig for its production.

In 2007 Kovilovaca Quarry sold approximately one million tonnes of stone products and now has ambitious plans to further extend its production.
The quarry has been in existence for almost 50 years but only since its privatization in 2003 has the potential of the site been fully realized. This is thanks to careful planning and investment by the new owners, Kovilovaca A.D.

Quarrying began with slicing-down a limestone hill, but has now continued to benches below the surface of the surrounding land, taking the quarry bottom to 108 m below the crest of the original hill.

Although practically all of the rock extracted is limestone, it is very variable in structure and composition, and so quarrying has to be carefully planned to allow flexibility in both production patterns and drilling. Despite considerable investment by the former Yugoslavian state when it owned the site, orientation towards cement production ultimately proved uneconomical.

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