Handheld core drills relaunched

2009 Apr 16

Operational safety, high performance and a long life time – these have been the main targets for the designers of the two re-launched handheld hydraulic core drills from Atlas Copco.

A built-in hydraulic torque control reduces kick-back to a low level. Operators will always be in control, even when drilling holes of 200 mm diameter. For operator comfort, the Atlas Copco core drills have low or nearly no vibrations. And the core drill fits in standard drill stands, whenever the space conditions allow the use of them.

The power-to-weight ratio optimized compared to the previous range. “The surprisingly lightweight core drills convince any customer after the first large hole drilling is shown or demonstrated,” says Jan Byrresen, Product Line Manager Motor Drills, Breakers & Handheld Hydraulics. “Customers comment that they have never believed that this is possible by hand drilling and so safe and fast. The LCD 500 and LCD 1500 is the perfect core drill for any on site jobs where quick and safe operation is needed in often difficult accessible, wet and muddy worksites.”

The drills offer spark-free operation since there are no electrical components. As a result of this a safe operation inside buildings, in hazardous environments or even underwater is possible.

There is a continuous lubrication and cooling through the power pack. Lifetime of power pack and core drill are protected through the closed hydraulic circuit which prevents from any dust or slurry entering the internal parts.

Handheld hydraulic core drills are universal tools for all hand-drilling jobs, even in confined space areas, when there is no room for drill stands. Core drills are used in a wide range of applications including building renovation and utility works. They are relied on to install drainage, sewer and water pipes, plus cable and ventilation ducks where large and deep holes are needed.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.