New range of vibro-reduced pneumatic hammers

2009 Jul 08

Atlas Copco has developed three unique hammers, containing a number of features like a new vibro-reduced housing, multiple gripping surfaces and a large D-handle.

“The hammers feature a new vibro-reduced housing, which reduces vibrations throughout the whole hammer body”, explains Jan Ohlson, Product line manager, pneumatic hammers and breakers. “There are vibro-reduced handles and other gripping surfaces for the operator to use. Compared to standard pneumatic hammers, the operator experiences less vibrations in both hands”

The new range comprises the chipping hammer TEX 05PE, developed for small jobs in soft material, and the medium-weight pick hammers TEX 09PE and TEX 12PE, designed for medium to heavy applications in brick, concrete or other hard materials.

The multiple gripping surfaces give the operator the possibility of choosing an optimum working position. All three hammers have a large D-handle with enough room for a gloved hand. TEX 09PE and TEX 12 PE are also equipped with a flexible front handle that provides excellent support.

Another feature on TEX 09PE and TEX 12PE is a new latch. It gives quick tool changes in combination with low weight and easy operation.

The TEX 05PE comes with a standard hexagonal 19×50 mm shank, while the TEX 09PE and TEX 12PE come in two different versions, one with the standard hexagonal shank 22 x 82.5 mm and one with a round shank 25 x 75 mm.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.