On the rise for suitable solutions

2014 Aug 12

Construction companies across the globe are demonstrating an increased interest in sustainable solutions in line with the powerful messages projected recently at the 36th CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 trade exhibition in Las Vegas.

Conexpo Conexpo

More than 130?000 construction professionals from 170 countries attended this year?s CON­EXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas, and the strong messages projected during the show appear to be having a positive impact. According to reports, the demand for energy-efficient, sustainable products has grown steadily over the past few months, clearly reflecting the interest generated at this premier event.

Among the leading voices was Atlas Copco with a booth that focused squarely on the importance of sustainable productivity and featured a diverse range of innovations. High power coupled with energy efficiency was for many a great source of inspiration.

Conexpo mainFor M&C readers who may have missed out on the construction event of the year, we present this recap of the main attractions:

compressors and pumps

Both ends of the generator spectrum have been expanded to include a QAS 50 port-
able generator (50 kVA), contrasting with the 1 MW QAC 1200. These generators greatly support the rental and general construction segments.

For those who rent or purchase large volume air, the new containerized XATS?1050 compressor has been introduced with a compact size-to output ratio in a superior engineered package. Free air delivery at 1050 cfm at 10 bar, is easily switched on the control panel to 950 cfm at 13 bar for expanded versatility.

Where Tier 4 Final engine requirement­s could mean sacrificing packaging size or option, the XATS 1050 is available with either a Caterpillar or John Deere engine. This compressor, which produces 495?000?l/s of air, balances Atlas Copco?s many options for foundation tooling or sandblasting on large projects.

The new XAS 400 PE compressor was also introduced and the addition of the
12 m³/min unit with the hardhat canopy will reduce maintenance costs.

WEDA pumps

The release of smaller, electricsubmersible pumps in the WEDA product lineup means customers can get even more material flow solutions from the same company that supplies and supports so many of the products on their job site. Having a single source supplier for pumps as well as air and electrical power will make purchase or rental easier for those who need these tools.

“Customers want simplicity. Having one company that can support their needs means less work for everyone, from the shop to accounting,” said Mark Taylor, Vice President for Atlas Copco?s portable energy business in the U.S. Taylor emphasized: “We want to be a total solution provider for our customers in portable energy. The more we focus on the needs of our customer by supplying quality equipment, the more efficient and profitable he will be running his business.”

Rock drilling tools

Rock drilling tools were also a major attraction at the show, from geotechnical core drilling to the many foundation drilling and tooling options for blast hole drill rigs both on the surface and in tunneling.

Gene Mattila, Business Line Manager for Atlas Copco, said: “We have every tool a contractor or driller would need to be more efficient on his project. Our engineers are constantly working on better and faster ways to drill a hole ? of any size in any formation. We are a total solution source with a support team to back up the products.”

Bigger impact in a condensed package was certainly visible in the rock drilling tools display. One example was the new Secoroc COP 66 down-the-hole hammer which features a complete redesign and greater efficiency. And in the tophammer offering, it was clear that the T-WiZ line has grown with the T60 class, expanding the threaded line up to 152 mm drill bits.

Shorter and lighter than its predecessor, the COP 64 Gold, the new COP 66 penetrate­s 15 percent faster, resulting in less time over the hole and decreased fuel consumption. The hammer has fewer parts, yet features the ability to be rebuilt twice in its lifetime under normal drilling conditions. All this equates to a lower cost per meter over the life of the product. In addition, the bit design is unique as there is no exhaust tube and no center-flushing hole.

Accompanying the new FlexiROC?T45 tophammer crawler drill rig was the TWiZ?60 threaded tooling. With a bit diameter range from 92 to 152 mm, the T60 increases drilling capacity by offering up to 30 percent longer service life and boosts productivity by drilling more holes per shift. The TWiZ product line improves reliability by wearing out before breakage and enhances utilization by reducing rod and shank changes.

Cluster drills

On display for foundation drillers was the 1?220 mm cluster drill and the Secoroc?QL?300 down-the-hole hammer. Both tools feature 1?220 mm hole capability. Each is unique in its operation while offering versatility options for the contractor.

The QL 200 hammer with a 600 mm Elemex bit was also on display to show a large diameter foundation solution in a tool that manages air and cutting flow for sensitive formations and drilling conditions.
As contractors look to improve efficiencies in foundation work, these options make difficul­t projects possible.

Crushing equipment

In addition to the new FlexiROC T45 that boasts major fuel savings for a surface crawler drill rig, Atlas Copco also featured the Powercrusher PC3 impact crusher with the HS1 screener.

This combination was a hit with customers looking for the perfectly-sized crushed material in one unit. Adding less than four tonnes to the PC3?s operating weight, which is ideal for crushing recycled material, the HS1 screener sends larger material back to the hopper until it?s minimized to the desired size.

All in all, the Atlas Copco display exemplified the increasing demand for highly productive yet sustainable designs and reaffirmed Atlas Copco?s leadership in sustainabl­e productivity solutions.


Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.