Heading for Paris and Intermat 2012

2012 Apr 05

Atlas Copco has an impressive array of innovative products lined up for this year’s Intermat construction show in Paris with energy efficiency and sustainable productivity as a central theme.

When Intermat 2012 opens its doors April 14 at the Villepinte Center north of Paris, the Atlas Copco booth will clearly be one of the main attractions with energy efficiency and sustainable productivity as the central theme.

The Atlas Copco showcase, covering everything from air compressors and drill rigs to equipment for demolition, crushing, soil compaction and road paving, will highlight the equipment needed to meet high productivity demands at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Here, M&C has selected four stars from the lineup and also examines what Stage 3B legislation means for compressor owners.

Cutting the cost of diesel

SmartROC T35/T40 drill rig is a major cost saver for drilling contractors. During field tests in five countries the rig has proven that it is capable of slashing fuel costs by up to 50 percent under normal drilling conditions.

The reason is a completely new design platform which automatically regulates the amount of energy required for any given function, optimizing the power supply to vital components and decreasing the risk of waste through hydraulic leakage.

As a result, the engine is always run at optimum efficiency irrespective of the task being performed, reducing both fuel consumption and refuelling frequency, which saves even more money in terms of extended uptime. Furthermore, this new generation drill rig ? the SmartROC T40 being the larger ? has also returned impressive ratings for performance, technology, service and operator comfort.

Extensive tests were conducted in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland
and Turkey. The results revealed up to 50 percent lower fuel consumption, 25?30?kg per engine hour reduction in CO2 emissions from the Tier 4 engine and availability of 95 percent.

The rigs are primarily designed for construction drilling projects as well as quarrying and have far exceeded expectations. In Sweden and Germany for example, the SmartROC T40 rig?s fuel consumption was reported to be as low as 10?15 liters of diesel per hour under favorable conditions.

An improved silencer kit and radio remote control are offered as options.

Big money saver: The SmartROC T40 drill rig keeps fuel costs to an absolute minimum.

Big money saver: The SmartROC T40 drill rig keeps fuel costs to an absolute minimum.

Superiority in the tunnels

When it comes to underground construction, visitors to the Intermat show will be able to get a close-up view of Atlas Copco?s well proven Boomer E2 C face drilling rig.

This two-boom, hydraulic and computerized tunneling and mining rig continues to be the rig of choice for tunnel drillers around the world ? and with good reason.

Equipped with the high powered rock drills COP 1838ME or COP 3038, the Boomer E2 C features the heavy duty and high precision BUT 45 booms which provide a coverage area of up to 112 square meters.

The rig of choice for tunnelers: The Boomer E2 C from the E-force range.

The rig of choice for tunnelers: The Boomer E2 C from the E-force range.

The rig offers automatic rod handling as an option and the entire system is controlled by the advanced Atlas Copco Rig Control System (RCS), enabling all operations to be optimized for maximum productivity.

The RCS system allows several levels of automation to be used to suit different requirements and  has integrated diagnostics and data logging to assist with equipment maintenance. The cabin is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and equipped with a full color display screen.


Efficiency on the road

The fifth generation of CA single drum vibratory compactors, CA5000, CA6000 and CA6500 from Dynapac, are the first of their kind with cross-mounted engines making them exceptionally serviceable.

Operator comfort and maneuvrability are excellent while noise and fuel consumption have been drastically reduced. The compactors have static linear loads of 50,
60 and 65 kg/cm and are available with Stage 3B engines that use a mix of biodiesel and diesel fuel. A “Best-Point” fuel saving system minimizes fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by ensuring that the compactor does not consume more power than it needs at any time.

The CA6000D can be equipped with a Sustainability Package which features an rpm management system, biodegradable fill-for-life hydraulic fluid, a 50 hours
service kit, an electrical engine block heater and working lights with LED lamps.

Also making its debut in Paris is the new SD type of wheeled asphalt paver with a working width up to 9 m which will be presented together with the new tracked paver  SD2500CS ? both equipped with CanBus related PLC-electrics. The compact F5CS tracked paver with conventional electrics rounds off the Dynapac paver range. Both SD pavers in the show are powered by water cooled Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engines, ensuring low emission and low fuel consumption. Service is made simple by an effective design concept, such as concentrating all pumps to one side. The fuel tank capacity on the new range has also been increased to 315 liters, maximizing the intervals for refilling.


Breaking barriers

Hydraulic breaker HB 4100 is a considerable improvement in terms of performance and efficiency and Atlas Copco reports increases in the double-digit percentage range.

Reduced weight and better performance means that similar results can now be achieved with this smaller unit and the lighter weight enables smaller excavators to be used which saves investment and operating costs.

Gordon Hambach, Business Line Manager, Hydraulic Breakers explains: “The follow-up costs of an investment in a hydraulic breaker are many times greater than the pure purchase price. The reduction of this total cost of ownership is realized through the conserving of resources such as energy and work time, as well as through durability and simple maintenance concepts.” Against this background, the guide system of the breaker has been changed to make it even more stable and resilient. “Hydraulic breakers are subjected to the most extreme conditions,” Hambach adds. “A new covering for the retaining bar offers more protection, especially in the lower part of the hydraulic breaker which has to take a lot of wear and tear. We have also reinforced the service window and the recesses for the lateral swivel threaded connections.

There is also circumferential wear protection, which has proven its worth with all heavy hydraulic breakers from Atlas Copco.” With a service weight of 4 100 kg, the HB 4100 is suitable for carriers of 40?70 tonnes.


Visit the Atlas Copco booth: Hall 5B, stand F027/ O157

Read more on http://www.atlascopco.com/intermat2012/
(in French only).


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Heading for Paris
The rig of choice for tunnelers: The Boomer E2 C from the E-force range.
Big money saver: The SmartROC T40 drill rig keeps fuel costs to an absolute minimum.