The next level in preventive maintenance

2014 Jan 08

Downtime is every mining or construction company’s worst nightmare. Productivity falls, deadlines are missed, costs rise, and revenues are lost. In today’s tough marketplace, it is more important than ever to keep machines up and running.

Over the years, the concept of preventive maintenance has been a great help in the battle against downtime. However, service technicians still need a substantial amount of time for routine service checks, especially if they have to perform fault-finding procedures which may require dismantling and reassembling components.

All that is now a thing of the past with the integration of new technologies which enable a machine to be inspected, faults to be detected and diagnosed in an efficient and visual way, and parts and services to be scheduled into maintenance intervals.

This is the Atlas Copco RigScan concept  which takes preventive maintenance to the next level. It enables equipment owners and operators to streamline service and maintenance for an entire fleet, thereby safeguarding uptime, productivity and safety.

The RigScan concept is designed specifically for Atlas Copco mining and construction equipment. It enables our certified auditors to collect and analyze data on the spot, using a variety of intuitive, high-tech tools and devices in accordance with our standard protocols.

The Atlas Copco auditor is the expert. He or she has unique knowledge of the equipment and how it should perform, and will initiate corrective action if required. Not only that, each auditor has immediate access to global, best practices so that the customer can be advised on the setups that will give the best results in terms of operational performance and safety.

Three step process

The RigScan procedure is carried out in three steps:

Step 1: The auditor performs a ?health check? on the equipment using a modern tablet with which to collect data, take pictures and record video in accordance with standard protocols for each machine.

This extensive process comprises about 500 check points, covering the entire machine. In addition to monitoring pressure, oil, flow, rotation and speed, the auditor is also able to scan key components and systems with a thermal imaging camera for signs of wear, blockages or internal leakage. This eliminates dismantling work.

Step 2: The auditor diagnoses the condition of the machine and generates a customer report, including all critical findings, good and bad, and any necessary replacement parts.

Step 3:  When all replacement parts have been delivered to the site, the recommended service measures, plus any necessary repairs, are carried out quickly and efficiently by Atlas Copco service technicians.

The big difference

In contrast to conventional audits, RigScan provides OEM standard inspections with the aid of new, high-tech, non-intrusive tools which substantially improve the accuracy and, therefore the quality of the results, of an audit. Added to this, RigSca­n provides an opportunity for the customer to pinpoint specific issues and raise other matters with the Atlas Copco expert, that may lead to further improvement.

p28b-mc3-13It is the level of predictability which conributes to increased safety and productivity and gives our customers total control over the cost of their service operations.

I believe that RigScan is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their Atlas Copco equipment in excellent working condition, for productivity, safety and the protection of the environment.

This concept represents the very best practice in proactive equipment support, and is a great complement to our other service solutions such as service agreements, remote monitoring, remanufacturing of components and fluids management.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.