RIG Scan – New technology for optimum performance

2012 Nov 09

Monitoring the condition of a drill rig on the spot is now easier and quicker thanks to new technology.

To carry out a general inspection or locate the source of a potential problem on a drill rig normally requires a certain amount of dismantling and reassembling work. But not any more. Atlas Copco, in cooperation with a Canadian mine and technology partners, has developed a system for performing ?health checks? on  Atlas Copco equipment.

Called Atlas Copco Rig Scan, it enables service personnel to collect and analyze data on the spot using a variety of intuitive, high-technology devices.

Jeff  Rose, Product  Team Manager in Atlas Copco?s service organization explains: ?This is a mobile application involving the use of non-invasive technology for fast accurate assessments of equipment performance.

?Real-time inspections are crucial to ensure continuous uptime and avoid costly component failures. On the spot aggregation of real-time and historical data will give the Rig Scan expert the power to ensure safe operation, act promptly and initiate corrective action if necessary.?


Atlas Copco Rig Scan helps to 

? avoid lost production through predictive analysis

? increase productivity and reduce operational cost through comprehensive performance analysis

? reduce maintenance costs through faster troubleshooting

? improve safety, health and the environment through early detection of potential hazards

? improve engine efficiency

The new technology also means that fleet maintenance can be streamlined, ultimately increasing uptime, productivity and profitability. The Rig Scan application, which is being launched in mid-2012, is currently  focused on Atlas Copco blasthole drill rigs but will ultimately be available for all Atlas Copco equipment.

Rose concludes: ?Atlas Copco is committed to sustainable productivity and Rig Scan offers our customers the very best practice in predictive support, safeguarding the performance of our equipment and complementing our other service solutions such as service agreements, remote monitoring, remanufactured components and fluid management.?

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.