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Good Energy for Colombia’s Future

It’s been over 30 years since it was first planned, but once in operation, the Ituango hydroelectric plant will be
13 Aug - 2014
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On the right track

A smooth ride for Swedish tunnellers on new high speed railway scheme.
4 Aug - 2008
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The power behind PORCE III

In many respects, Porce III is a typical South American hydroelectric power project (HEP). A remote location, a jungle environment,
20 Mar - 2008
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Gas Landing Precision

Precision drilling is playing a key role in the construction of a major energy project in Norway that will supply
14 Dec - 2005
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When Speed is King

Construction of the most modern cargo harbour at the Baltic Sea is making good progress.
14 Dec - 2005
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Victory in the Alps!

Tunnellers and miners in the Swiss Alps are reaping the benefits of modern techniques to solve their respective challenges with
15 Jun - 2005
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Squeezing ground at MITHOLZ

Tunnellers driving the Mitholz adit in Switzerland unexpectedly encountered poor ground conditions some 1,400 metres beneath the Lötschen summit. The
15 Nov - 2004
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The rocket at St. Martin

Today?s trans-alpine roads and tunnels between France and Italy are expected to reach their maximum capacity by 2015. A new
1 Sep - 2004
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