Built for heavy production

2005 Dec 15

Two new rock drills for 89-127 mm holes have been introduced.

The new COP 2160 and COP 2560 rock drills for the hole range 89-127 mm are specially built for use with Secoroc T51 and ThunderRod T60 drill steel.

Both series are designed for heavy, uninterrupted production. The 21kW COP 2160 has a lower impact frequency than the 25 kW COP 2560. And both are equipped with Atlas Copco?s dual damping system which enables higher impact without compromising the service life of the drill steel.

The exceptionally strong rotation motor develops a drill steel torque of 1,810 Nm, which minimizes the risk of jamming. The rock drills can also be supplied with a powerful hydraulic extractor to save time and drilling consumables (COP 2160EX/2560EX).

Hydraulic oil lubrication of the gear cooling, enabling higher power utilization and decreasing wear under prolonged loading.

The separate lubrication of the shank adaptor and front bushing ensures adequate lubrication and cooling during heavy use and prevents contaminants from penetrating the drill at the front end.

These models have three easily replaceable diaphragm accumulators ? the inlet accumulator, damping accumulator and return accumulator. Together, they smooth out pressure variations, reducing wear on the rock drill, the feed, the boom and the rig?s hydraulic system. The resulting high availability leads to lower maintenance costs and higher production.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.