Make way for Boomer M1 L

2011 Dec 13

A new single boom face drilling rig from Atlas Copco for low-to-medium height mines combines extreme robustness with operator comfort.

The Boomer M1 L has been specially designed for development and productio­n applications in low seam mines with roof heights of 2.2?2.5 m.

The rig itself has a height of 1.8 m and is believed to be the most robust of its kind on the market featuring a stronger carrier and oversized wheels compared to similar rigs in this range.

Peter Bray, Product Manager, explains: ?This is the perfect machine for the rough and tough environment of room and pilla­r mining and especially where there are long distances to be covered, typically six to twelve kilometers per day.

?It is very strong with components that can withstand all the wear and tear of tramming on rough roadways, but it also makes life much easier and more comfortable for the operator.?

The Boomer M1 L is spacious and visibilit­y is excellent from the fully enclosed air conditioned cabin, providing extra safety and comfort.

Bray explains that the Atlas Copco designers have ?married together? existin­g components and systems from drill rigs such as the Boomer S1 L and the Boomer T1 D in order to meet demands for a stronge­r workhorse in low roof applications.

The rig has an improved flexible boom, simple controls (Direct Control System 2, DCS 2,) and a choice of rock drills ? CO­P 1638 or COP 1838. It is also designed to be extremely easy to service as a means of keeping downtime to a minimum.

In addition, the improved environment inside the cabin is matched by the low emission Deutz TCD2012 L04 80kW Tier 3 engine.

The prototype was successfully tested by the Polish mining company KGHM in the Rudna Mine after which KGHM placed orders for several Boomer M1 L rigs.

Footnote: See the new Boomer M1 L in action on YouTube.

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