Drilling the BIG ones

2006 Jan 14


Pockets of natural gas are a common feature of the geology in the central
southern states of the USA. Pense
Brothers have been drilling exploration
holes since 1962 and rely heavily on
Atlas Copco rigs and rock drilling tools.
The company specializes in drilling
vertical shallow gas wells. They are usually
contracted to drill the initial hole to a
depth of approx. 3,000-4,000 feet (900 to
1,200 m). Following the initial drilling,
another drill rig will be used to gradually
deflect the hole a further 3,000-4,000 feet
toward the horizontal.
Pense Brothers need to be highly organised
as the company covers a vast territory
that includes Alabama, Arkansas,
Colorado, Missouri, Utah, New Mexico
and Oklahoma and follow a busy drilling
programme. To keep the operation running
smoothly, 180 dedicated employees
work to ensure everything from scheduling
and maintenance to drilling stay on

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.