COP 3038 – a true high frequency performer

2004 Mar 31

Atlas Copco launches the super-fast 30 kW hydraulic rock drill COP 3038 for tunnelling and drifting applications, which represents a major step in new product development. After more than 700,000 metres of test drilling in various geological conditions, the COP 3038 design has proved to drill amazingly 50% faster than its predecessor COP 1838 ME. You can both see and virtually hear the difference.

Same percussive energy twice as fast

The energy per percussive blow is the same as for COP 1838 ME, but the blow frequency is almost doubled, from about 50 to 100 Hz. A new spool valve system and redesigned hydraulic flow channels together with the impact piston design enable the fast piston movements. On top of that, a patented invention provides an extra rapid turn of the piston in its rear position. ?It could be described as a bouncing chamber? comments Andreas Nordbrant, Product Portfolio Manager at Atlas Copco Rocktec Division in Örebro, Sweden.

The front end of the rock drill has been redesigned, using 4 seals of same type to cope with water pressure of 20 to 40 bar required to efficiently flush out the drill cuttings. Also water intrusion, especially when drilling up-holes, is better prevented.

Compared to COP 1838 ME, the COP 3038 is 5 kg lighter and 15 mm shorter.

Service friendly

Hydraulic oil from the dampener drainage gives automatic gearbox lubrication, which means that no grease nipples are needed. Altogether there are 10 % fewer parts compared to COP 1838 ME, and most hoses have been connected at the rear end. The overhaul can be made having the rock drill horizontally placed. Thanks to these features the total time for overhaul is reduced by 25% compared to COP 1838 ME.


The COP 3038 rock drill is suitable for face drilling applications, especially where major benefits can be derived from extraordinary high penetration rates such as in tunnelling, drifting and room and pillar mining. COP 3038 is intended for 43 to 64 mm diameter holes using a T38 shank adapter. For best service life and optimum drilling performance, usage of the patented Secoroc Magnum SR 35 system is recommended. COP 3038 can also be used for rock reinforcement drilling at reduced power in combination with a R32 shank adapter and a down-sized drill string.

Power and intelligence

The COP 3038 is intended for the new generation Rocket Boomer L2 C and Rocket Boomer L3C rigs, which are already regarded as the most powerful and intelligent tunnelling rigs on the market today. Rigs furnished with COP 3038 will be featuring a new power pack and a new control system software to fully utilize the power of the rock drill.

Equipped with COP 3038, the Rocket Boomer L2 C and Rocket Boomer L3 C rigs will become even more powerful, consequently making these rigs the number one choice on the market.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.