Celebration as Zinkgruvan marks 150 years

2007 Nov 30

The Swedish zinc mine, Zinkgruvan, has plenty of reason to celebrate this year – 150 years of continuous production. Throughout its history, the mine has witnessed the transition from handheld drilling through to pneumatic and hydraulic mechanized excavation. But the festivities are not just paying tribute to its past; work to increase reserves, continued technological innovation and pioneering partnerships are all firmly part of its future.

To mark 150 years of continuous operation in September this year, a celebration was held at nearby Åmmeberg (about 200 km south-west of Stockholm). The town gave its name to the original operating company ? Åmmeberg Zinkgruvan ? and was home to the previous processing plant. The site has now been redeveloped into a scenic golf course.

Lundin Mining Corporation took over Zinkgruvan in 2004 and while the mine is one of the company?s biggest assets, work is currently underway to further increase the ore reserves, which today amount to 8.6 Mt. Besides zinc, lead and silver are produced at what ranks as one of the lowest cash cost zinc mines in the world.

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