Better reach, more punch

2008 Jul 23

Jürgen Kunze, owner of Polish contracting company Geo Blast, was so pleased with his ROC L6 drill rig that he bought another one. The impact of the new, upgraded ROC L6 on production quickly confirmed that he made the right decision.

The new generation ROC L630 is a high capacity, down-the-hole surface crawler, it?s primarily designed for quarry blast hole drilling in virtually all types of rock formations.

Among other improvements, the new generation rig benefits from increased percussive power, boom reach and mobility, but it is the extra five bars of pressure, an upgrade from 25 to 30 bars from the compressor, Kunze says make the biggest difference to productivity.

?The increase in performance is about 20 percent,? he says. ?In this rock, this makes a difference of fifteen extra metres per hour. I am very satisfied. It?s much more effective. Over three shifts, we?re now doing 200 metres more per day than with our existing ROC L6 with 25 bar.?

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