Atlas Copco´s Xtended Life Program: second-hand hydraulic breakers restored as new

2010 Jul 26

Under the „Xtended Life Program“ label Atlas Copco are forthwith offering second-hand hydraulic breakers in the 750 to 10,000 kg service weight class. The units are properly restored in the hydraulic breaker shop in Essen, Germany. As such their technical condition can be compared to that of new breakers. Customers receive a product with a virtually normal lifespan, the original documentation and a works guarantee.

?We check all components of the used breakers ?, Ralf Schneider, Product Specialist at Atlas Copco explains. ?Damaged parts are not repaired but immediately replaced, like all of the wear parts are. Then every single breaker is put on the test bench and is subjected to the same testing routine which new breakers have to sustain.?

The staff of the Essen production site is a team of specialists responsible for medium and heavy-duty hydraulic breakers. The requirements to be met by the quality, performance and reliability are the same as those to be met by new units. ?At the end of the job these hydraulic breakers have not just been repaired but have virtually been restored to their original condition,? Ralf Schneider continues.

?In everyday operation one does not notice that the breaker is not a brand-new unit straight from the factory and that it has been used before,? the Atlas Copco customer Sepp Meier from Sins in Switzerland explains. ?From a technical point of view our HB 2500 DP as well as our MB 1700 DP are state-of-the-art. Both units give the same performance as our other hydraulic breakers. The supply of wear parts and the service are identical ? in our opinion a really good investment.?

For information on any available units as well as on the return of used breakers please contact the Atlas Copco sales outlets.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.