Demolition job for an Atlas Copco grapple

2008 May 20

Using a MultiGrapple model MG 2700 the Sottrum-based demolition company ATR Abbruch Transport Recycling GmbH has torn down a Federal Railways building in Bremen. In just two days some 1400 m3 of walled-in space were demolished and separated down to the top edge of the foundation.

The 10 x 20 x 7 m building was torn down by the MultiGrapple MG 2700 without any difficulty. The cealings and the outer walls were 20 cm and 36 cm thick, respectively.

Since the demolition site is located in Bremen?s city centre, silenced demolition tools were needed to minimize noise pollution for the residents and business owners. Gerhard Jodeit, manager and proprietor of ATR GmbH is satisfied: ?The grapple has done a perfect job. I am planning to buy additional grapples in the near future.?

The short opening and closing times of the grapple jaw as well as the accuracy with which the tool is positioned by the endless rotation unit are extremely convenient for demolition jobs. The Hardox material which is highly resistant to wear provides an optimum weight-to-grapple ratio. A constant operating pressure allows the wide jaw to safely keep a firm hold on heavy and smooth concrete slabs. Even though the blades wear down in the course of their life cycle, ?nothing slips out, not even after long operating stretches? Gerhard Jodeit adds.

For more than ten years ATR Abbruch Transport Recycling GmbH of Sottrum is working in the industrial and reinforced concrete demolition sector, container and recycling service.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.