A room with a view

2008 Apr 01

For years the grounds of the Helene-Amalie power station facing the offices of Atlas Copco Construction Tools in Essen were left unexploited. Now the employees can look through their office windows and watch the progress made as the complex is being demolished.

The demolition companies Heitkamp Umwelttechnik GmbH and Prangenberg & Zaum GmbH are tearing down this former large power station, a leading role being played by a CC 3300 hydraulic combi cutter.

Before the chimney stalk and the boilers can be blown up, the mineral demolition material of the buildings must be removed using the proper equipment. Only then can the boilers of the machinery house be removed by blasting, be taken apart and be delivered to a recycling plant.

For the excavator operator Timo Böhmer the constant cutting force applied throughout the entire closing operation is what counts: ?This is what makes the CC 3300 so suitable for this kind of demolition job?.

Just recently the combi cutter received some reinforcement from another Atlas Copco product: a 2710 kg MultiGrapple MG 2700 which is used for grading and loading the demolition material.

The Helene-Amalie power station was built in 1938 as a colliery and steel works power station together with the mine of the same name for Krupp in Essen. The formerly coal-fired power station was last fired with gas and comprises a switchgear and turbine house. The uniform steel structure building was filled with brick walls.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.