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Embracing diversity

Increasing diversity and inclusion within a company is not merely making ethical statements – it is also sound business. At Epiroc’s Underground division the bar is set high: no less than a quarter of women in the workforce by the end of 2021.

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One rig to rule them all

CAUSA, a mining contracting company with 40 years of experience, uses the Epiroc Robbins 73R rig for raiseboring in Mexico. Its fleet includes 20 rigs owned by the company and 10 more that it manages for mining companies.

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Safety deep in the mountains

At the Kirovsk mine, extraction of phosphorus-containing raw materials is hard work. Apatit JSC Kirovsk Branch faces a number of challenges, mainly harsh conditions, safety, and efficiency, but Simba Teleremote easily solves these challenges. The function has increased efficiency by 20 percent and the use of each drill rig by 95 percent.

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