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Trusted drilling contractor in Ostrobothnia

Arto Mattila became interested in drilling contracting some 20 years ago, when he bought equipment to drill rock on his own land. His hobby evolved into a job, and now his work is also his hobby.

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Look who’s talking

Karin Jirstrand switches on her Pit Viper drill rig and starts the engine ? but rather than tramming off in the machine, she logs into a web portal. “You can follow what the machine is doing here,” she says. “Right […]

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Revolution or evolution?

Machines are becoming more and more automated, and at the same time more connected to each other. This connectivity reduces distance and time to a minimum, making communication between machines and humans faster than ever. Some say we are on […]

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Ahead of the pack

    THE ENVIRONMENT at the Yara Siilinjärvi mine is a challenge for both humans and machines. Here, in central Finland, winters are cold and summers are wet. To keep producing at required pace at the biggest apatite mine in […]

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Sharing is caring

THE NEXT STEP IN UNDERGROUND ROCK EXCAVATION The Mobile Miner offers a new way of continuous hard rock mining with the potential to change the mining industry. It exists thanks to a successful partnership between Atlas Copco and Anglo American. […]

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Concrete results down the road

For nearly 80 years Boliden has mined ore in the Kristineberg mine ? and the challenges have grown as the working depth has increased. Geological conditions mean that half the time is spent reinforcing rock, rather than mining it. Together […]

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New COP W4 hammer saves time and money

When drilling holes for geothermal heating and water wells Säffle Brunnsborrning aims to work swiftly and with low fuel consumption, while never compromising on quality. The new Atlas Copco COP W4 hammer makes that job easier. ?This hammer is the […]

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The second wind, as good as new

1. THE CHALLENGE In 1997, Atlas Copco delivered its first drill rig to Ras Al Khaimah Rock Company (RAK Rock) in the United Arab Emirates. Since then, the two companies have had a close relationship, while RAK Rock has developed into […]

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“Solving problems is never boring”

Hanna Kristofferson is part of a group that?s vital to Atlas Copco?s product development. As a structural analyst, she makes sure the products are sound enough to be up to the job. I?m a structural analyst in the Rocktec division […]

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