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Ahead of the game

Mining Contractor Watpac Civil and Mining of Western Australia, believes that a comprehensive understanding of equipment, and of lifecycle costs, is crucial to its future. That’s why it is the first company in Australia to introduce the SmartROC T45 drill rig.

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The Power of Quality

A plan to safeguard electricity power lines in south-west Sweden is placing high demands on construction equipment such as generators and pumps – and contractor Skanska is leaving nothing to chance.

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Scooptram ST18 – Australia’s new Gold Standard

The Stawell Gold mine in Australia is the first mine in the world to take delivery of the newly launched Scooptram ST18 loader from Atlas Copco. Grant Wells, Underground Maintenance Superintendent, is optimistic about the new member of the fleet and its future contribution to production.

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A new opening to save time and money

Before production gets underway in an underground mine, the technology has to be chosen for creating the opening raise for production blasting. The opening hole is the limiting factor, especially in large scale mining methods, and large diameter opening holes also open opportunities for mine planners to save time and money.

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Enabling Automation

Automated drilling in surface mining is here. It’s successful, and it’s at work around the world. Coal, copper, iron and gold mines in large mining countries such as Australia, South Africa, Canada, the U.S. and Chile are meeting objectives previously ruled out as unattainable. Automation on the Pit Viper drill enables operators to accomplish more goals safely, and operator-assist functions such as AutoLevel, AutoDrill, Auto Rod Changer, and multi-ri­­g teleremote control, are just a few of the features being used to gain consistent, sustainable productivity, shift after shift. Here, M&C highlights the value that Pit Viper automation is bringing to mines across the globe.

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New remote station for surface drillers

Atlas Copco has pushed the boundaries of automation forward in surface mining applications with the introduction of a unique remote control station for all SmartROC D65 operators.

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Cluster drill solution for Rio bridge

An Atlas Copco cluster drill has solved a difficult problem surroundin­g the installation of new supporting piles for the Rio Barra bridge project in Rio de Janeiro.

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INSIGHT ON Latin America

Our report from the Ituango hydropower project in Colombia in this issue is a clear reminder that economic growth and prosperity in the countries of Latin and Central America is deeply rooted in their natural resources. Here, Jon Torpy, a man with close ties to the region, shares his impressions.

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Spartan shines in Barcelona marble

Atlas Copco’s Swellex Spartan rock bolt is proving its worth worldwide for superior strength and reliability. Pull test results recently obtained at the Xauxa marble mine in Spain are a good example.

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