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Meeting the big three

Atlas Copco’s new crawler drill SmartROC T35 has scored points for the three most important demands in today’s surface drilling industry – low fuel consumption, increased productivity and high availability.

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Showtime at Atle quarry

Mining and construction professionals from some 20 countries traveled to Sweden recently to explore the latest technology and glimpse the future with Atlas Copco.

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Money to burn?

“Sustainability” is a popular word nowadays and in the mining industry it is often used in connection with the future. However, at a recent international conference Atlas Copco’s Lars Bergkvist told delegates that sustainability is already within the grasp of every mine on the planet.

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Olympian achievement

In a few years, a Russian resort on the Black Sea will be thrust into the international spotlight when it hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics. To prepare for the big event, the town and surrounding area is undergoing a huge infrastructure upgrade.

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Nigeria raises its game

Nigeria is at the heart of one of the world’s fastest growing economic regions. With 350 hydraulic and pneumatic rigs in operation around a country rich in oil and gas, Atlas Copco is fortifying its technical support.

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The underground option – A solution to the quality of big city life

As the world’s cities become increasingly overcrowded, the quality of city life continues to decline. Big city planners are more and more aware that something has to be done. But what? For Gunnar Nord, Atlas Copco’s senior advisor in tunneling, the solution is both obvious and inevitable. Go underground.

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