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Bridge demolition 25% faster

The A3 is one of the most frequented motorways in Germany and suffers from growing traffic volume. As part of the extension to six lanes, the 540 m long bridge crossing the river Main near Randersacker was blown up. The demolition material was removed in record time.

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Making Its Mark in Australia

Coal is once more on the agenda as an important source of energy, and the coal mines of eastern Australia are well
placed to meet the demand. The methods of extracting it – and the equipment needed to achieve the goals – are now
more advanced than ever.

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Taking advantage of single-pass drilling

Large rotary drills have been in use for years around the world in mining applications. In many open pit operations, these large drills were equipped with electric power and
long towers for drilling benches in a single pass. Today, these features are being driven to smaller equipment.
Let’s look at the benefi ts of single-pass.

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Intelligent demolition with AutoControl

Demolition work is often associated with brute force. Professionals know better and opt for a more sensitive approach. Demolition work not only requires a fair amount of experience and a proper understanding of what has to be done. The right kind of equipment and experienced operators make the difference if the work carried out on a construction is to be efficient. That demolition work is a passion and a discipline which has to be taken seriously is demonstrated by the contractors De Meuter from Ternat in Belgium.

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Atlas Copco in construction of Leipzig City Tunnel

Five Atlas Copco attachments are involved in the construction of Leipzigs City Tunnel, providing the much-longed-for north-south link right through the city. Below the future Central Station and Bayerischer Bahnhof auxiliary structures set up for the tunnelling operation are being demolished.

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